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Government Aid Programs

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The different levels of governments in Canada (federal, provincial and municipal) recognize the importance of promoting new businesses and economic growth. Many programs have therefore been created to help entrepreneurs. Due to the large number of government agencies and the multiplication of their programs, we have grouped them in categories. We will give you all the criteria of any specific program and the remaining available budget at your request.

Start-up or expansion

Due to public finance restructuring, there are very few direct grants for business start-ups. This type of direct help has been replaced with a variety of small loans. Loans are available for the vast majority of the assets. For some industrial projects, the federal, provincial and municipal programs can be bundled to reach more than one million dollars. Financial help is also available to hire consultants for feasibility, marketing or production studies.

Workforce and professional training

There are many government bodies offering programs for training or hiring staff. Some programs are incentives to hire unemployed people or are tax rebates for training; you can get as much as 40%. A recent provincial law compels medium and large size corporations to spend 1% of all salaries on training activities. Government agencies can help in planning the training and in selecting the right trainers.

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