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10 Reasons to choose our Industrial Park
site in Coteau-du-Lac

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 10 Reasons to choose our Industrial Park site in Coteau-du-Lac
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  1. Strategically centralized near Quebec, Ontario and North-Eastern States. A pool of 80 million people within a range of 800 km (500 miles).

  2. The Alta Industrial Park is located at the crossroads of two major national highways, the Trans Canada Hwy and Hwy 40, linked by Hwy 540. Coteau-du-Lac is the Ontario-Quebec Continental Gateway. The completion of Hwy 30 is scheduled for 2012. Hwy 30 is the bypass route to the South-Shore of Montreal that will help to reduce congestion on the city's highway network by offering an alternative for through-traffic.

  3. Complete and affordable infrastructures for a high volume supply in natural gas, electricity and non-treated water. The electric power in the Industrial Park is supplied by two Hydro Quebec sub stations. Optic Fiber is available on site from various sources including our private network with our telecommunications partner Xittel Telecommunications, at extremely competitive rates.

  4. 40 million square feet of industrial land, more than 900 acres, complete with all infrastructures.

  5. Canadian National Railway's Main Line runs adjacent to our Industrial Park with Service siding into the Park. CN's shunting yard is 5 minutes away in the Town of Les Coteaux. Canadian Pacific Railways Intermodal facility should be completed in the Town of Les Cèdres by 2012.

  6. One of the lowest property tax rates in the Montreal area and in Quebec. No business tax.

  7. A good, well educated, work force available for all working sectors.

  8. Industrial training programs integrated in the regional social structure.

  9. Unique quality and a diversified and tolerant society where many different cultural groups are integrated in harmony.

  10. A dynamic community where everyone is involved in the local development..
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